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Food Integrity and Traceability Conference 2011

Belfast, Northern Ireland 21-24 March 2011


The ASSET Research Centre (Queen's University Belfast) in collaboration with safefood are delighted to announce a major International Conference on food safety, to be held at Queen's University Belfast (21-24 March 2011).

Queen's University

The number of ‘food scares’ has grown enormously over the past decade; imported foods found to contain dangerous contaminants such as drugs, dyes and bacterial toxins are now reported frequently. As demands from consumers and regulators grow, the need to develop technologies to detect contaminants in food has increased.

The ability to protect the integrity of the food supply chain is a massive challenge but one which is of the utmost importance to protect the consumer. This encompasses the threats posed by microbiological and chemical contamination of the supply chain, along with guaranteeing the authenticity of food products to combat fraudulent practices and control adulteration for economic, food safety and cultural reasons.

Significant efforts worldwide have been devoted to tackling the multiple threats to the integrity of the food supply chain. These range from the introduction of control measures based on HACCP principles by agri-food industries to the introduction of national and international legislation.

The drive to introduce improved traceability systems for agri-food products has been another important step in delivering a higher degree of integrity to the supply chain. All these measures have been supported by substantial research efforts.

Major gaps still exist in ensuring that the food we consume is safe and authentic.

The ever growing list of food product recalls due to contamination with, for example, Salmonella, E.coli and Listeria, and scandals such as melamine and dioxin contamination of many food products has highlighted the need for improved measures to verify the integrity of the food supply chain. Continued research and improved techniques will facilitate targeted and efficient recall of contaminated products and allow trace-back to contamination sources for mitigation and ongoing improvement of farm-to-fork food safety systems.

This Conference, the first on this subject at Queen’s University Belfast, will consist of plenary lectures, presented by high calibre invited speakers, contributed papers (10 or 20 minute communications or posters), and a technical exhibition of scientific instruments and related products. It will concentrate on three key themes:

  • Reviewing recent progress in delivering safe and authentic food to the consumer
  • Identifying the greatest current and emerging threats to the integrity of the agri-food supply
  • Delivering new analytical means of verifying the integrity of the agri-food supply chain.

food safety


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