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Presentation of F2F traceability system at Fish market

Izola, Slovenia 22 October, 2011





Since the end of September, 2011 the fish farm Fonda officially sells traceable sea bass at Izola Fish market. They are publicly launching first results of a successful F2F pilot for traceability in the supply chain, which is led by Assist. Prof. dr. Mira Trebar. Excellent work from both teams, laboratory and Fonda.si company ones, and responsiveness of all involved in the project deployment have distinguished the Slovenian pilot system in Europe, the truly functional and placed in a business environment.

"It is still a testing phase, but this innovative and modern solution provides the final customer all necessary information, from harvesting at the farm to retail store which is now only at Fish market in Izola" said Dr. Mira Trebar, the project manager. "The Radio Frequency Identification system has been developed as a pilot solution, from farm to fork, by using RFID and traceability standards to ensure the collection, storage and availability of data to all participating partners, especially small and medium-sized enterprises involved in the supply chain.” added  dr. Mira Trebar by presenting the first results of hardware and software solution.

Andrej Grah and Miroslav Savić clearly demonstrated customers how the system actually works, using a smart phone to scan QRcode on the label of Piran seabass to receive and watch the traceability data from harvesting the fish, the process of preparation, transport and storage. Cold chain temperatures are recoreded all the way, by a microchip, which has been designed by a Slovenian company IDS d.o.o. Now that the first pilot tests are available, it will require minor modifications and additional use of RFID system is expected before the end of the year.

"Of course, I'm happy and proud at the same time that we have been invited to such an important project. This is certainly part of the future in the food industry at all," said at the presentation Irena Fonda, manager and major force in the promotion and marketing of the fast-growing brand Fonda. "Because I come from an academic environment, I realize how important are this kind of projects especially if they are introduced quickly and successfully in the business environment. We own a distinct badge, which is attached to our seabass and at the same time a sort of guarantee of quality and traceability, upgraded with a modern system. The business process model has supported us in pointing out interesting and useful information, highlighting many important skills in these new technologies. By now many of these consumers may come to be increasingly aware on nutritional facts. As our business slogan Health is a matter of good taste, and because the consumer wants to eat healthy food, we actually have an interest in the whole information of the origin and quality. All this information, implemented in our business gives us many useful benefits and even greater control over the fish, and this thrills me," says Irena Fonda, that with her colleagues, Špela Marinko,  Metka Lotrič and the cooperation of the developers, a team of dr. Trebar, are planning a similar demonstration at one of the major shopping center in Ljubljana. 

From now on, when the tests will be performed, the Piran bass marked with QR code will distinguish delivery packages of boxes. Perhaps in the future, when a traceability chip will be integrated in the Fonda badge, each of their fish will be equipped to monitor the whole process of traceability all the way to the retail, fish markets or even to consumer's home.Certainly, an interesting feedback has been received especially with younger customers, with great enthusiasm and curiousity. Above all, it inspires that a Slovenian project is also one of the first in Europe that has been recorded in the food traceability for SMEs  and of course, the developers and the company are justifiably proud.



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