EAI IIES Summit and Exhibition
Riva del Garda, Trento Italy 4-6 October, 2012
Food Safety & Autenticity 2012
Brussels, Belgium 18-20 September, 2012
Rome, Italy, 23-27 July 2012
IEEE Symposium and URSI Meeting
Chicago, IL, USA 8-14 July, 2012
QUID Innovation Italy
Milan, Italy 27-28 June, 2012
INSME - INNOBIZ - WTA Hi-tech fair
Daejeon, South Korea 21-25 May 2012
CIBUS 2012
Parma, Italy 7-10 May 2012
SMAU business 2012
Padova, Italy 18-19 April 2012
IEEE International Conference on RFID
Orlando, FL, USA 3-5 April 2012
Anuga FoodTec - F2F at Speakers' Corner
Cologne, Germany 28 March 2012


INSME - INNOBIZ - WTA Hi-tech fair

Daejeon, South Korea 21-25 May 2012



A delegation from Treviso Tecnologia has attended three main events from 21st to 25th May 2012 at Daejeon Convention Centre in South Korea. Treviso Tecnologia is an Italian innovation agency in charge of dissemination and the establishment of non-EU partnerships to exploit the F2F Food Information System.

F2F has been under the spotlight in each of the three events:

  • 8th INSME Annual Meeting with tematic tables, more than 30 speakers from 14 countries. One of the aims of the International Network for SMEs is Building Competitive SME Networks, refleting the purposes of fostering innovation in their supply chains, and Treviso Tecnologia has been invited to report a case from the agrofood industry;
  • during the 3rd INNOBIZ Global Forum the project has been presented through a Technology Briefing Seminar by Roberto Santolamazza, managing director of Treviso Tecnologia. A Technology Offer Sheet and a poster have been prepared, both translated in Korean, in order to invite the audience to attend the seminar;
  • the project has been also exhibited during the 9th WTA Hi-tech fair in order to showcase some demonstrations of the F2F pilots.

Brochures, shopper bags have been disseminated during the whole week at the stand and the conferences during the moments dedicated to F2F. The visualization of the promotional video and the first pilot video helped a lot to discuss with people and experts.





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