EAI IIES Summit and Exhibition
Riva del Garda, Trento Italy 4-6 October, 2012
Food Safety & Autenticity 2012
Brussels, Belgium 18-20 September, 2012
Rome, Italy, 23-27 July 2012
IEEE Symposium and URSI Meeting
Chicago, IL, USA 8-14 July, 2012
QUID Innovation Italy
Milan, Italy 27-28 June, 2012
INSME - INNOBIZ - WTA Hi-tech fair
Daejeon, South Korea 21-25 May 2012
CIBUS 2012
Parma, Italy 7-10 May 2012
SMAU business 2012
Padova, Italy 18-19 April 2012
IEEE International Conference on RFID
Orlando, FL, USA 3-5 April 2012
Anuga FoodTec - F2F at Speakers' Corner
Cologne, Germany 28 March 2012


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WP9 Dissemination and publicity


This work package will handle the publicity and dissemination of the results of the project within the food and beverage operators as well as agro-food industry. This activity is critical to this project, since the aim is to establish a self sustaining activity after the end of the project and therefore needs to establish a valuable impact and critical mass of first-hand end users. The objective of the work package is therefore to ensure sufficient publicity and dissemination of results to provide a large enough potential user base to ensure continued viability of the project.


Task 9.1 Press and publicity management
This will be a running task for the length of the project, tasked with the maintenance of relations with external bodies, issuance of press releases and organisation of project presence at selected events. This task will also be responsible for the maintenance of the project web site. Main deliverables will be dissemination material (i.e.brochurei.e. brochure, press, etc) and the contact with press and advertising organisation (at national and regional level). This task will in the first three months of the project complete a full dissemination plan. This will: Identify dissemination target groups. Identify appropriate channels for dissemination to each target group. Define a programme of activities directed towards each target group.
Task 9.2 Production of pilots video
This task will produce a video to be used for the dissemination of project results. The video will explain the technology, the opportunities for RoI in the food production business and the way in which the pilots have realised this opportunity. The video will be made generally available via the project website.

Task 9.3 Dissemination events in regional channels
This task will organise workshops within the identified regional dissemination channels. The workshops will be aimed at potential rapid adopters of the technology, with the aim of encouraging rapid buying to the technology. Each partner will be invited to host or co-organise a local dissemination event /seminar to spread information regarding RFID application in wine and perishable food sectors selected

Task 9.4 Dissemination events in transnational channels
The aim of this task will be to generalise the best practice throughout Europe, by placing the video in suitable transnational channels, sponsoring articles in appropriate technical publications and participation in international event. Due to the globalisation of food industry the dissemination plan will take care of possibility to present project results outside Europe (e.g. China) as a ‘distinguishing’ mark of the European food industry. Below is the list of targeted events for dissemination. A final list of 15 events will be selected from this.